CDA Facilitators are Members of The Singing Stone Native American Church


"We are each having a unique experience of the expression of resistance to Eternal Love. Lessening that resistance is a non-action and our greatest responsibility on this Earthly Plane...If we are all giving and receiving no one needs to "take". Gratitude for what IS, brings us to the present, where everything is perfect." -Lion of Judah (Jacob)


  • Radical Self Empowerment Podcast- Chris and Zach

      Here is a podcast with Chris and Zach talking a bit about our Radical Self Empowerment Retreat.  Chris is a meditation teacher that specializes in teaching techniques that make meditation/mindfulness accessible to “non-meditators’.  He also uses neuro-science research to support his methodology and to help “non-meditators” understand the “hows...
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  • Galeh Razin Courses- A New Offering By Camino Do Amor

    Note:  The Galeh Razin courses will be offered in the USA and Mexico. Galeh Razin, in a nutshell, is a form of light work or energy work that can be implemented with or without plant medicines. It is not very well known in the English speaking world as the workshops...
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  • Galeh Razin DNA Rectification Treatment Protocol

    This is another post regarding the Galeh Razin energy/light work that we offer at CDA. Unlike the “basic Galeh Razin lightwork treatment” we do during ceremonies and the more in depth/intense “Chakra Cleaning and Expanding” treatment that we offer in conjunction with our retreats, the DNA Rectification Treatment really does...
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  • Ayahuasca Combined With Chakra Cleaning and Expansion

    Many of you have heard/read about my explanation of how Ayahuasca works relative to our energy system, how she cleans and heals. In this past explanation I talked about her cleaning the nadis (yogic concept) or meridians (chinese medicine concept). The nadis/meridians run throughout our body and if they are...
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  • Dieta, the Under-appreciated Foundational Shamanic Practice

    As I mentioned in the previous post “How  Ayahuasca Works”, Ayahuasca gets all the attention, but in my opinion, and I am not alone in this, the “shamanic dieta” or “dieta” could be viewed as the foundation of amazonian shamanism.  The dieta is not as exciting as Ayahuasca with her...
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